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Collapsing economies, rampant environmental destruction, imploding political systems the world over, worldwide cancer epidemics, school-temple-movie theatre shootings, toxic food systems that poisons both us and our children, is it any wonder why half of us are on MEDS (legal and illegal) to help us cope? Yet, talk to just about anyone and they’ll say this is the price you pay to be a free, civilized human in 2012.

But how free are we?

The Prisoner’s Guide to Freedom asserts that as forced-participants of Western Civilization, we are not free at all. In fact we are prisoners, held in captivity, subjects of a system that traps us in a vicious cycle: we work to feed ourselves, we feed ourselves in order to work for the very Civilization that is destroying not just humanity but the planet as well.

10 years in the making, the film, in production now, will feature the BRIGHTEST most contrarian thinkers of our time. From Economists to Anarchists, Billionaires to Revolutionaries, Spiritualists to Scientists, this unique and daring film seeks to pull back the curtain on one of our most cherished beliefs: the belief that we are free.

Where most documentary films only bother to interview “the usual suspects”, “The Prisoner’s Guide to Freedom” will feature not just intellectuals but the wisdom holders, the sages of age, who will venture to explain to our viewers:

“The Prisoner’s Guide to Freedom” is a film that dares to go where few others (if any) have gone before. It doesn’t just pull back the curtain but rip it to shreds as it reveals the dire consequences of our imprisonment and the steps we must take to free ourselves; from physical action at home to fortifying investment strategies, to preparation and survival to resistance, coordinated non violent revolution, personal healing, civil disobedience, and coordinated action.

This is not just a film, but a film that will spark a movement by reaching the 231 million so called Cultural Creatives worldwide ready to stop the madness, stand up, teach and forge a new path.

The time is now. Our very survival depends on it.

For more information, contact the filmmakers at 310-988-5185.

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